Training Programme

Our training programme was specifically developed to meet the needs of the fellows and the changing needs of the software sector, both in academia and industry, thus facilitating the rapid development of fellows to key leadership positions in the field.

The training will include the following integral elements:

  • Supervised research project by a leading Lero researcher
  • Development and regular review of a career development plan 
  • Complementary research skills training 
  • Summer and Winter Schools 
  • Transferrable skills training
  • Intersectoral and interdisciplinary transfer of knowledge through secondment and or short visits
  • Dissemination, public engagement and outreach activities

All fellows will have access to the researcher development programme at their host institution, which will complement the transferrable skills training provided by ALECS.

Summer and Winter Schools

Summer and winter schools will be held over the course of the fellowships, targeting the following themes:

  • Communication and public engagement
  • Industry and entrepreneurship
  • Research project management and administration