Goetz Botterweck

Dr. Goetz Botterweck is a Senior Research Fellow and Project Leader at Lero, where he is leading a research group focusing on model-driven engineering and heading research projects on interactive design space exploration, verification and testing of embedded systems, and co-heading work on feature-oriented software modernization. The work is in close collaboration with major industry partners, e.g., from aerospace, smart buildings, embedded systems in safety-critical domains, and large-scale financial systems.

Goetz’s research interests lie in devising model-driven engineering approaches and smart design tools for the next generation of software systems, e.g.,

  • Design space exploration – computational and interactive tool support to explore very large spaces of potential design variants
  • Smart engineering techniques (e.g., optimization, machine learning, recommender systems) combined with interactive visual tools
  • Software engineering approaches for novel software systems (e.g., systems that are not programmed but trained, systems created by machine learning, self-adapting and autonomous systems)
  • Product line engineering and feature-oriented software engineering – designing families of systems and variations among them, rather than individual systems